Sell Your Home at 3 5 Percent Commission

Sell Your Home for 4% Commission
Full Service, Includes MLS!

We list homes for TOTAL Sales Commission

(Includes MLS)

No gimmicks, no kidding!

Our full-service real estate team will sell your home for a
TOTAL sales commission of , regardless of price

Here’s an example…

* We always pay buyer’s agents competitive commisssions, so your home sells fast and for TOP DOLLAR!

What is Full Service?

Our traditional client services include…

  • MLS and Internet listing
  • Signs and Lockboxes
  • Personal Showings to all prospective buyers
  • Complete analysis and advice, negotiation, counter-offer preparation
  • Completion of all required paperwork

You don’t have to pay high commission fees for traditional full-service real estate professionals.

At , we provide our clients with superior service and results at a price that others simply cannot or will not match. And we can help you, too

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